BMG has a web front-end (myBMG) for it’s song writers and musicians that gives overview of their Royalties earned from their different songs. It has low usability due to which there is very low traffic. BMG wants to increase the usability of the web front-end to increase the traffic and stickiness


To do a usability study of existing web application and find problems with it. Also to come up with recommendation of what data would be relevant for artists that would make them login to the application regularly. Later, the whole web applications has to be re-designed from ground up


We started with usability study and analysis of current web app. Conducted user Interviews with BMG business to understand how they interact now and how they would like to interact in future with the system. Based on inputs, we created Interaction designs and Visual Designs. Designs were iterated as per business feedback. These designs were later converted to HTML 5 click dummy. Please note Lean Apps proposed design was not used in final product but the concept was used

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