Complete breakdown of Pricing Details for retail softwares in euros on the basis of Sprints

Design Sprint + Agile + DevOps = Speed

Modern Software Development

In the age of digitalization, your technological advantage is one of the most important success criteria for competing in the market. Custom software development today is a luxury. Too expensive, too slow, too unreliable! And often follow traditional ways of development which is slow and costly.

Modern Software Development

This is why we are changing the way we develop software. We call this concept industrialized software development. We follow Scrum, and create a cross-functional team of Scrum Master, Product Owner, Backend Developer, Front End Developer, QA and UX Designer at a fixed price per Sprint. We call this DevUnit.

Modern Software Development

This approach has saved 70% of the software development COSTS for our customer compared to other competitors. NO there is no compromise on QUALITY and the software is shipped at a lightning SPEED. This allows you to build more stronger technology in the same budget.

Our Price

We have the most TRANSPARENT PRICING in the software industry.

We provide a light and a full Design Sprints. We also offer light and full development sprint packages. You don't worry about the skill set - we cover everything (from Blockchain to AR/VR to Machine Learning) within these packages.

1 LIGHT Design Sprint

Goal is to test an idea

4 Days


Understand problem, sprint goal, create map, curate solutions, design prototype, test with 5 end users

1 FULL Design Sprint

Goal is to design a complete app

3-4 Weeks


Preparation and research for 1 week, 2 LIGHT Design Sprint weeks and developer ready design delivery in 1 week

1 Light DevUnit Sprint

2 Weeks*


Complete Scrum Team for only Frontend Development

1 FULL DevUnit Sprint

2 Weeks*


Complete Scrum Team for FrontEnd/Backend Development

*2 Weeks = 1 Sprint

Team composition

Scrum Master
Front End Developer
Back End Developer
Quality Assurance
UX/Visual Designer
Product Owner (from Customer’s team)
DevOps and Technical Architect

Technology Stack

Front End: React Native / React.js
Back End: Java
Requirements Management: JIRA
Continuous Deployment: Jenkins


You pay ONLY for success

Software development is a matter of trust. If you are not convinced with our speed and delivery quality, you can opt out after every sprint. You ONLY pay after successful delivery of Sprint.

Price Comparison

Development of a software in the scope of 5 months
5 months x 20 days = 100 Man Days

Conventional Vendor

0.5 Project Manager



50 Man Days

1 Front-End Developer



100 Man Days

1 Back-End Developer



100 Man Days

0.5 Product Manager



50 Man Days

0.2 UX Designer



20 Man Days

Total: 266,000€

Lean Apps

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