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Stroke Patients lose the ability to speak. During their Rehab they visit Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), once a week for speech therapy. The recovery time with SLPs is anything between 1 – 1.5 years. Also caregiver of such patients (partner, children etc.) has no means to help these patients at home


Evivecare wants to build an android tablet app for patients which will allow them to do different speaking exercises. This app will use Google text to speech and also Speech Recognition to understand what patient is saying and how well patient is pronouncing. The web front end will also be provided for SLP to assign homework to patients and see the progress they make at home


We did some research and customer interviews regarding the use of digital products among senior citizen (aged 60+). We also on boarded some SLPs to take their feedback. After a positive feedback we created some technical spikes for Google TTS and Speech Recognition. Once that was successful Android app and Web front end was developed. The SLP product was launched on 19th Nov 2016 and directly 50 SLP were on-boarded in 2 weeks

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