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Adidas wants to go online and give omni-channel experience to it’s customers.
There are 3 main goals:


Multi-site deployment in DE,
NL and FR


Brand specific e-commerce implementation for the US


End to End e-commerce implementation for the US market


This is an end-to-end implementation for a large e-commerce program and covers the entire e-commerce landscape including web analytics, store front, content management system, search, order management and supply chain. It would also involve integration with Order Management, Inventory Management, Financial system, Warehouse Management and CRM


Bala and Narjeet, as part of Infosys, defined the new enhancements, features and software development process. They also created the architecture and developed a unified customer database to provide a single view of the customer across all e-commerce and brand sites. They interacted with various software vendors and reviewed their work. They assisted in Performance tests and performance tuning of the application, provided support to the project team on technical issues and troubleshot critical production issues

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