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Infinia - Instant Checkout - No more queues


During rush hours or festive seasons customers have to queue up for check-out at Retail stores. Sometimes this wait is more than 30-40 minutes, and customers decide not to buy the product and eventually leave the store. This is a lost sales for a Retailer


To build an iOS and Android app to incentivize loyal customers with a instant checkout app as part of brand app. Loyal customers do not need to wait at the POS. They can do instant checkout comfortably by themselves. Further, customers will also be able to access store after they are closed. In essence, all stores can potentially be 24 hours open without any sales staff


We did some research and customer interviews regarding time customers wait in the store for checkout. We found that people come to store to experience the product but end up buying online. One of the important reasons was LONG QUEUES at checkout. We built an iOS app to validate the idea. We presented the idea at few events and got a very good feedback. As a next steps we will build an SDK which can be implemented in loyalty apps of brand and will enable instant check-out for their loyal customers

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