BMG Binge


The existing version of Production Module deals with the upload of Productions by the user. It is a manual task because user has to check Productions file manually for consistency and then upload it to the system. This manual process is time consuming and cumbersome.
The main pain points are:


Too much manual intensive mechanism


Lack of user friendliness and data maintenance efficiency due to MS-Access-based technology (validator)


Less scalable architect/IT stack


Income tracking is a cumbersome process


BMG needs a system that can process the original Productions received from BMG Clients automatically, store the Productions, do song linkage with other internal system and make that data available through UI to different users (Income tracking) for their day to day operation. The system should be ready to cater to all future business that BMG expects.


We started with a Design Thinking workshop in Berlin, with Business Owners, SMEs and IT. The output of the workshop was, finalised Feature set and rough hand sketch prototype of the UI. Later we started with usability study and analysis of current system. Based on the current system and workshop output we created Information Architect and User Journey - AS-IS and TO-BE. This was further converted to User Flow and detailed hand sketch. The further goal is to iterate the findings so far and create wireframe and Visual Design of the TO-BE system. This is currently in progress.


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