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Bayer Digitrial


The clinical trial team of Bayer was facing the huge problem of doing extensive paperwork in the process of conducting clinical studies. The study coordinators had to travel with paper and pen to take down study recordings from the patients and later they had to enter all the recorded data in a centralized system manually. In this process, they lost a lot of time and effort and it also led to huge amount of data inconsistencies.


To build an App for iOS and Android to help coordinators record all the data digitally in the centralised data system, send calendar invitations to patients, set reminders, fill the checklists digitally.


To solve this problem, we developed a mobile app in React Native through which the study coordinators could record their data online which would get synced with the centralized data system immediately. The app also provided features to set reminders for patient visits, book calendar invites, run checklists to ensure that all important conditions of the study are completed. We took this further to include community networking amongst study coordinators and patients. In this proposal, the users can join discussions forums and chat with coordinators. They can also refer to relevant reference materials and also have the option to chat with a bot so that they can get immediate answers to their queries.

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