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Service Mango


Small businesses such as language schools, music schools, hair dressers, massage parlors etc. manage their business manually and use very limited software solutions. Hence the booking, onboarding of customer, billing, taxation is all done manually. On the other hand, its hard for customers to find good service providers around them and they usually rely on word of mouth


To build a SaaS based software for small business owners to create their service portfolio and sign new customers Later take them through complete process of onboarding, scheduling appointments, billing and invoicing. Business Owners can manage their complete business operations via one platform. For end customer, all services created are searchable. They can search a service provider around them, see the rating and sign up for it and later recommend them to friends


We started with Agile (SCRUM) and Lean Startup coaching. After that we defined the MVP to be launched in 6 weeks. After the launch pilot customers were acquired and further features were built after considering market feedback

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