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230 million children globally have no official identity. That’s 1 in 3 children under 5 who will struggle to access services they are entitled to, like education, healthcare and social security. The registration of life events and subsequent creation of secure, authentic national identity documentation underpins an individual’s legal right to access these services and provides governments with the insight needed to effectively allocate resources. It is one of the most important rights in the modern world.


To develop an app for the Govt of U.K to Record and securely manage the vital event registration needs via notification, recording, registration and reporting of citizen identity data. The existing app had issues with Data entry. It took 1-2 hours for the user to fill the forms and overall user experience was bad. They want to enhance the User Experience to speed up the whole data entry process.


We started with usability study and analysis of current app. Conducted user Interviews with De La Rue business to understand their AS-IS user journey and current pain points. Based on inputs, we created Information Architect and TO-BE User Journey. User Journey was further converted to User Flow and Interaction Designs. These were further converted to Visual Designs. Visual Designs were iterated as per business feedback. These designs were later converted to HTML 5 click dummy.

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