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Bayer Calf Care


Bayer’s animal farming department is majorly concerned about the calf health since the mortality rate of calves is very high. The main reason for this is that calf health is greatly ignored by farmers and results in many calves dying due to various diseases like Diarrhoea or due to poor hygiene conditions.


Build a mobile app for Bayer vets to conduct a real-time assessment of the farms and calves and record the information digitally to provide real-time analysis to vets on the overall health of the calves.


To address this issue, we developed a mobile app for Bayer vets. The vet can conduct real-time assessments of farms and calves and record their observations in the app. The app then calculates the overall cost of maintaining the farm and risk factors associated with the farm based on the assessment values captured by the vet. The app also prepares reports and graphs to give the vet a good indication of the overall health situation of calves on the farm.

Technology Used

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