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If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late

Reid Hoffman - Founder of LinkedIn

Our startup DNA keeps us Agile and Lean and is the reason for our lightning speed in delivering technology and products. We have now been through couple of startups, 50+ products and accelerated them from an idea to series A.

We are huge evangelists of Lean Startup and Agile way of working. The infographic would explain you how we work with startups to make sure that we always build products that customers really want and avoid expensive mistakes.

How we build successful products?

startup services

To summarise the startup services we offer are:

Lean Startup and Agile coaching

We would coach you on how to validate the problem you are solving, the customer you are solving the problem for and the solution you want to build using different customer development methods - both non-digital and digital. We will also teach you how to do product development using SCRUM.

Define Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We go beyond than defining MVP, and also help you define Minimum Viable Value (MVV) and Minimum Value Experience (MVE) that is required to get innovators and early adopters on board for the product

UX Experience

Our UX and UI team, follows Design Thinking and Lean UX to deliver excellent user experience. We specialize in User Interview, usability studies, defining User journeys and user touch-points, which is further converted to UX and UI

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Lean Apps technology stack is rather deep, along with mobile, web, e-Commerce technologies, we also support Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) and Speech Recognition

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Crowd Testing

Lean Apps, along with it’s partner, provides testing as a service for apps and website using the power of real users (crowd of 100,000 users) who can be handpicked based on your end customer profile

Data Analytics

We specialize in analyzing unstructured data and mobile data mining. This helps startups build or kill features based on data


Lean Apps support consulting and setup of Amazon Web service and Microsoft Azure public clouds

Agile X-Functional Teams

Once you raise your seed funding or Series A we will create your first Agile X-functional team that will make sure that your product iterations are launched regularly and help you meet your investment milestone goals

Startup Accelerator Model

We know running a startup is hard and you are probably bootstrapping and cash flow is low. Most of the cash is spent on technology and marketing. For this reason we have come with an accelerator model where we help you with all the steps mentioned above. In return, you pay us in some cash (to cover the actual cost of our developers) and equity (which ranges from 5 – 15% based on commitment required).

To work on this model we select 2 startups every quarter. Selection is based on team and how much validation has already been done for the idea.

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