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Adapting new technologies and
launching responsive website &
mobile app is digital transformation

Building innovation teams is digital

Digital marketing is digital

A new set of people is needed to

What it really means

Reshaping your organisation in
such a way that it can adapt to any
change that comes in the digital

Re-defining your existing business
model and creating new ones by
leveraging digital technologies

Transforming leadership, strategy,
employees, process, IT, operations,
sales, marketing and building lean
innovation teams

Digital Transformation blocks

Lean Apps offers

Leadership Alignment

The first step to digital transformation is alignment of company stakeholders and their close collaboration. Lean Apps, along with its partners, provides services in Leadership assessment, coaching and organisational development in Digital economy.

Data-Driven Iterative Strategy

Lean Apps uses the world’s most advanced Digital Transformation framework to build Digital Business Strategies for companies. This framework allows companies to build data driven strategy which is adapted every few months based on real data.


Test 10x more ideas in 1/5th of time. Lean Apps offers 12 weeks Lean Innovation program to help corporates build disruptive ideas. It transforms your innovation team (and others) by teaching them how startups are so fast and innovative.

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IT Transformation

Lean Apps is bringing disruption in how IT teams work by combining Agile Development, DevOps and Lean UX together to create teams that deliver at lightning speed. This is a cultural change that every organisation has to adapt to in order to be competitive.

Technology and DevOps

Lean Apps tech team is working on and helping customers implement all the latest digital technologies at lighting speeds. Cloud, DevOps and Microservice architecture has allowed us to shrink products delivery timelines from couple of months to couple of weeks.

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Data Analytics

Every decision companies make has to be data driven. Data is important for strategy, innovation, operations and sales. Lean Apps, along with its partners work with data scientist and analytics experts to define how to leverage data to cut costs and increase revenue for companies.


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