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Stabilo has realized that pen/writing industry is declining. This could push them to the land of irrelevance if they don’t disrupt. They want to get prepared for future and want to transform it’s employees to think like entrepreneurs and launch new business models. They also want to transform their operations to support both their existing distribution network and digital


Stabilo wants to understand what is digital transformation and go through our program of Digital Strategy Consulting and Corporate Entrepreneurship. They want to leverage our program to identify new business models and identify entrepreneurs within the company, who can implement these ideas at a very fast pace.

Lean Innovation process


We conducted 2 day program with Stabilo senior management to understand how Digitizing is disrupting different industries. Also how their industry will get disrupted. We also conducted our Corporate Entrepreneurship program. During the process team worked on real ideas to conduct customer interviews to validate their problem and solution. As a next step, we will be conducting this program with C-Level to launch pilot startup team

Digital Transformation blocks

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