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Infinia Retail - Store Analytics (IoT)


Gen-Z customer wants to have the same experience in-store as on e-Commerce. Accordingly for a retailer, it is important to collect similar analytics as e-Commerce shop also in-store. Data that can help retailers understand their customer better and eventually help them increase the basket size of the customer


We have to develop a system to enable stores to track the number of customer visits to the store and different departments and correlate this to number of transactions in the store. This allows a retailer to track the conversion ratio (similar to the online stores) and also helps in managing store layouts and inventory.


We identified three components to the solution - footfall tracking, gender and age classification and customer heat maps across departments using thermal sensors. We decided to build a POC using Raspberry Pi, Web camera, Raspberry Pi 2 and Omron D6T Thermal Sensor as hardware and OpenCV, Python and mySQL as software components. The data is stored in a cloud database for analytics.

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