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Allianz understands that they have no digital connection to their end customer but Gen-Y and Gen-Z is/will be interacting mostly digitally. Allianz wants to be prepared for future and go from sustainable innovation mode to disruptive innovation and thus wants to transform it’s employees to be like entrepreneurs and implement new business models


Allianz wants to go through our program of Corporate Entrepreneurship. They have identified potential entrepreneurs within the company and also selected few new business models they would like to work on. They would like to go through our program to learn how startups work with concepts of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas etc. to validate, launch and acquire customers at a very fast pace

Lean Innovation process


We started with a 2 day program with Allianz team to go through basic concepts of Design Thinking and Lean Startup. During the process the team worked on selected ideas to conduct customer interviews to validate their problem and solution. They designed digital experiments as landing pages to create traffic on their landing pages and see what kind of conversion they can get. Later Allianz continued with a 10 week accelerator program where 3 validated ideas were executed. 1 of these ideas also raised internal Allianz funding


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