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10 Reasons to choose React Native for App Development

18 March 2019

Facebook created it and developers swear by it. Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Walmart, Tesla – the world’s most successful apps are using it. React Native, An exciting, open-source framework is fast becoming the most popular choice for developing both iOS and Android apps.


Here are the top 10 reasons you should opt for React Native development companies:



1. Develop fast and save more

If you want to get maximum output with minimum effort, then React Native is your best bet.

With React Native, you can use the same code (almost the same) for the web, iOS, and Android, and shorten the development cycle by at least half. Result? Your Product Manager can save ample amount of time and cost in developing an app without compromising on quality.

2. Go Cross-Platform

Traditionally, Non react native development companies have been building separate apps for iOS and Android. And it has often led to inconsistent user experience among different platforms.

But with React Native, you can build iOS and Android apps at the same time and create a more consistent and fluid user experience.

3. Create UX of Native App

One of the big disadvantages of hybrid apps built in Ionic or Phonegap is that the user experience never feels like that of a native app. It always gives a feeling of web experience.

React Native takes the native user interface building blocks and combines them with their own Javascript to create a user experience closest to that of native apps.

Since the same building blocks are used for iOS and Android, they give the same look and feel that the users expect. Developers do have the choice to write a mixture of native and React code to get the exact functionality. And they can do that while maintaining the native experience.

4. Add new features in less time

Usually, after publishing your app on the App Store and Google Play, you want to add new features for your users. And it always requires going through the build process again and uploading updated versions of the app on the store.

It can take a while before Apple or Google approve the updates. Also, the updated apps have to be installed by the users manually. But in React Native, you don’t need to worry about all this.

Thanks to plugins like CodePush, the new updates get automatically reflected during the run time and you can watch the changes without the complete re-launch of the app.

5. Deliver Personalization

With React Native, you can push a personalized UX to your individual users on the same app.

Following the practice of Clean Architecture in React Native, you can separate Native code, Framework code, Javascript code, and CSS Styling. This allows developers to easily deliver different styles to the app from the server side. So much so that you can define personalized style per user group on the server side and each user would then see their own personalized UX.

Remember personalization is the core requirement for Digital Transformation.

6. Write once, use everywhere

In a typical mobile app development scenario, developers need to write separate codes for the web, Android and iOS. But with React Native, your developers need to write the code only once, and it would run on multiple platforms.

There is no need to write the code again and again. Almost 70% of the code is shared between web, iOS, and Android. Only minor portions of the app need to be tailored for different platforms.


7. Third-party plugins

A completely original and authentic software foundation for an app can cost a lot of money and time. To reduce the cost, you must take the approach of re-usabilty, either through the online tools or through some react native development companies that can provide you so.

There is already a huge glut of reusable libraries available for React Native, and a lot more is being added to the community by top react native development companies such as WIX.  

8. Get online community support

Since no specific iOS or Android programming languages are required to use React Native, most frontend developers with experience in Javascript can easily work on it. That’s the reason for its wild popularity.

React Native has gathered a massive pool of online community. If at any point you face a problem, you can easily dive into this pool to seek help. React Native enthusiasts are quick to help fix problems and share skills required to excel in the field.

9. Detect bugs easily

Since the code is re-usable in React native, you only need one update for two platforms. This makes the detection of bugs between codebases a lot easier.

Your team does not have to spend hours looking for bugs in two separate codebases. A single decision is all that is needed to fix and update the app.

10. Build MVP faster

Working with React Native development companies, your development costs and cycles are reduced by 50%. This means you can take bigger risks while testing your business models. You can launch the first version of your app with minimum functionality and keep all the secondary features for later development.

Once you have identified the demand for additional features, you can start investing in them. This way you don’t waste your time developing detailed interfaces and branded designs. Instead, you implement an early version of your app.


It helps you avoid failure at a later stage. With React Native, the number of bugs also tend to be lower because of a single code, which also speeds up testing. Single code base lowers maintenance costs.

Having built over 100 apps reaching 10 million users in the last four years, we are creating multiple reusable components to add to the libraries for mobile app (React Native) too.

As a react native development company, we have already created generic lego-like components such as those required for registration, login, authorization, side menu, footer menu, CRUD screens, showing lists, search, filter, notifications, payments, analytics etc. to shorten the development cycle. This way we don’t have to build these features from scratch for new apps each time. We code a lot less and deliver value a lot faster.

Our goal is to reach a point where we can deliver 70% of the requirements through our reusable components, and only develop the rest 30%.

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