BMG - Mechanical License


BMG’s license creation application is from early 2000. The license creation process i.e. request for license, negotiation and issuing of license today is a very complex process and BMG team wastes lot of time everyday in creation of license because of cumbersome process and low performance of the system


To conduct user interviews and understand current business process of license creation and create user journey with the improved process. User Journey would be used to define user touch points and interaction design, which is further converted to visual designs. Later develop new front-end and backend which will reduce the average time taken to create per license


We started with User Interviews with BMG license team to understand the current system and problems they face today. Based on inputs, we created User journeys and defined user touch points and user stories. These were converted to Interaction and Visual Designs. Designs were iterated as per user feedback and currently web front-end and backend is getting developed

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